Grandmaster Stefano Surace

Grandmaster Stefano Surace Grandmaster Stefano Surace holds the traditional grade of Menkyo Kaiden, given to him by his father who received the same grade from two Japanese grandmasters of the Butokukai. His grade of 10th dan is recognized by the Nihon Seibukan. Seibukan is a Japanese Academy of Martial Arts and the only one recognized by UNESCO.

Seibukan officially expressed to him its recognition of his work in training young people. He was the first non-Japanese grandmaster to receive a 10th dan from the Seibukan. Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic decorated him for his merits as a journalist, as a teacher of young people and as a creator of champions.

Stefano Surace is also an investigative journalist, especially famous in Italy for his press campaigns for human rights and justice in numerous areas of life up to, and including, the present day.